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  2013年全国硕士研究生招生考试在昨日开启帷幕,考研英语(一)中的第二个阅读理解一石击起千层浪,让很多Win8用户觉得很具喜感,而且它还提到Windows8中IE10浏览器的"Do Not Track"(DNT) 请勿跟踪这个普通用户并不熟知的功能。



  当你使用任何浏览器访问网站时,你会自动向该网站提供一些信息,如 Cookie、你的 IP 地址及其他标准计算机信息。 如果网站中包含由第三方网站提供的内容(例如地图、广告,或者 Web 信号或脚本等 Web 测量工具),则有关你的一些信息可能会自动发送给内容提供商。 这种安排有几个优点:例如,你可以方便地访问第三方内容,你所访问的网站上显示的广告可以让网站免费提供对收费内容的访问。 然而,其结果可能会对你的隐私造成影响,因为这些内容提供商可能跟踪你对多个网站的访问。

  当 Internet Explorer 中的“请勿跟踪”功能启用时,Internet Explorer将向你所访问的网站及在这些网站上托管内容的第三方发送“请勿跟踪”请求,以此通知这些网站你不希望被跟踪。



  Text 2

  An old saying has it that half of all advertising budgets are wasted-the trouble is, no one knows which half . Inthe internet age, at least in theory ,this fraction can be much reduced . By watching what people search for, click on and say online, companies can aim "behavioural" ads at those most likely to buy。

  In the past couple of weeks aquarrel has illustrated the value to advertisers of such fine-grained information: Should advertisers assume that people are happy to be tracked andsent behavioural ads? Or should they have explicit permission?

  In December 2010 America's Federal Trade Cornmission (FTC) proposed adding a "do not track"(DNT) option to internet browsers ,so that users could tell adwertisers that they did not want to be followed .Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Apple's Safari both offer DNT ;Google's Chrome is due to do so this year. In February the FTC and Digltal Adwertising Alliance (DAA) agreed that the industry would get cracking on responging to DNT requests。

  On May 31st Microsoft Set off therow: It said that Internet Explorer 10,the version due to appear windows 8,would have DNT as a default。

  It is not yet clear how advertisers will respond. Geting a DNT signal does not oblige anyone to stop tracking, although some companies have promised to do so. Unable to tell whether someone really objects to behavioural ads or whether they are sticking with Microsoft’s default, some may ignore a DNT signal and press on any way。

  Also unclear is why Microsoft has gone it alone. Atter all, it has an ad business too, which it says will comply with DNT requests, though it is still working out how. If it is trying to upset Google, which relies almost wholly on default will become the norm. DNT does not seem an obviously huge selling point for windows 8-though the firm has compared some of its other products favourably with Google's on that count before. Brendon Lynch, Microsoft's chief privacy officer, bloggde:"We believe consumers should have more control." Could it really be that simple?

  26. It is suggested in paragraph 1 that "behavioural" ads help advertisers to:

  [A] ease competition among themselves

  [B] lower their operational costs

  [C] avoid complaints from consumers

  [D]provide better online services

  27. "The industry" (Line 6,Para.3)refers to:

  [A] online advertisers

  [B] e-commerce conductors

  [C] digital information analysis

  [D]internet browser developers

  28. Bob Liodice holds that setting DNT as a default

  [A] many cut the number of junk ads

  [B] fails to affect the ad industry

  [C] will not benefit consumers

  [D]goes against human nature

  29. which of the following is ture according to Paragraph.6?

  [A] DNT may not serve its intended purpose

  [B] Advertisers are willing to implement DNT

  [C] DNT is losing its popularity among consumers

  [D] Advertisers are obliged to offer behavioural ads

  30. The author's attitude towards what Brendon Lynch said in his blog isone of:

  [A] indulgence

  [B] understanding

  [C] appreciaction

  [D] skepticism

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